Tag: resilience

Still needing to be heard

University of Waterloo’s Dr. Dillon Browne spoke to youth, then caregivers, about mental health after the pandemic. One key takeaway: Listen.

Beyond High School is providing urgent help to graduating students

Urging students to plan beyond high school is a step forward in community wellness.

What’s Strong, Not Wrong

Take a look at yourself and your family members with an appreciation for each individual’s strengths. This will help build resilience toward wellness, says Dr. Tayyab Rashid of University of Toronto Scarborough. BONUS: View recording of Dr. Rashid’s webinar with Erin Mills area caregivers about strengths-based resilience.

Youth are resilient, but still want to be heard

Even in the face of another major lockdown, many Erin Mills youth demonstrate their resilience through caring for others. They still want to have a sounding board though. Listen to a recent discussion with a youth panel. Bonus: Dr. Rumeet Billan spoke to Erin Mills youth in April 2021. Read more about this super opportunity to refocus the future.

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