COVID-19: Successfully Riding the Emotional Waves of Change and Loss

From toddlers not understanding why they can’t visit grandparents, to young adults worried about school and the progress of their careers, “no matter how we cut it, it seems that everything that is happening because of this pandemic causes significant stress for everyone,” said Dr. Rachel Toledano to a group of parents, educators and agency workers in Mississauga.  She was speaking at the first Community Forum by Zoom of Erin Mills Connects at the end of April.

Dr. Toledano is a clinical psychologist with two decades of experience with adolescent and adult clients. She is also a Team Lead at Homewood Health, a Canadian leader in mental health and addictions support.

She was invited by Erin Mills Connects to give advice to many whose mission is to make the lives of others better in Erin Mills.

Dr. Toledano said that the global pandemic is unique among stressors. “The potential for trauma–for trauma symptoms to surface is much higher. Why? Because the fact that this illness isolates the sick;…we feel totally powerless; the progression of the illness can be very rapid;…there are all these factors that give it potential for being traumatic.” 

She acknowledges that trauma is already evident all around us, yet we can take control, she urges. This also applies to the stress of reintegrating into society as schools, businesses and organizations open again, she adds.

Parents and guardians should not be afraid to ask for help. Homewood Health is one of those chosen to provide FREE counselling services, tools and support to Canadians. Other strategies are outlined in Dr. Toledano’s thoughtful presentation below (34 minutes).

“We are already seeing the impact of trauma,” says Dr. Rachel Toledano of Homewood Health about the effects of COVID-19. She has advice for parents and children. CLICK ON DR. TOLEDANO’S IMAGE ABOVE TO SEE HER PRESENTATION.

If you wish to learn more, Dr. Toledano has kindly provided her references and recommendations for reading and viewing about resilience, self-compassion and other topics. Click Here.

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