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Still needing to be heard

University of Waterloo’s Dr. Dillon Browne spoke to youth, then caregivers, about mental health after the pandemic. One key takeaway: Listen.

Beyond High School is providing urgent help to graduating students

Urging students to plan beyond high school is a step forward in community wellness.

It’s Not Just You: A Conversation About Pandemic-Related Exhaustion and Burnout

Miguel Martinez, a Steering Committee member of Erin Mills Connects, welcomes author Ann Douglas to a Community Check-in. Ann, just fresh from finishing her latest book, shares three questions that help put pandemic experiences in context for a better future.


On the heels of Ontario announcing that students wouldn’t be going back to schools to finish their school year and that many summer activities are cancelled, children and their parents are struggling with more disappointment and worries. Ann Douglas, parenting book author, speaks to parents and guardians about how they can make these unusual circumstances less sad for their kids.

Ann Douglas: Compassion is Key to Hanging onto Mental Well-being during COVID-19

Author Ann Douglas is well known for her compassion for today’s parents. She shares her thoughts on getting through the trials of COVID-19 with Erin Mills Connects.

4 Simple Steps to Start a Collaborative for Your Community

Models to unite communities for the betterment of children, youth and families

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