Calm yourself; calm your child.” Ann Douglas

If there is a “flavour of the month, for me, it would be disappointment,” Ann admitted to us at our second webinar about The Virtual Village. Kids aren’t able to say goodbye to their classmates. There is no end-of-the-year fun days or graduations.

The webinar, Caring for Your Kids, came just a day after the Ontario government announced that schools would not reopen in the interest of the health of all. Even before social distancing, polls showed alarming rates of anxiety beyond the norm in youngsters, said Ann. Kids worry about their grandparents’ health and that they won’t have school in September. Many see extra tension and arguments at home, and more. “That is a long list of worries for children to be carrying around and processing on a day to day basis,” she said.

What kids have to hear from their parents is, “we can get through this together.” They need the truth in terms they can understand, and to know your plan, says Ann.

Please spend the next 45 minutes with Ann Douglas toward gaining strategies and reassurance to bring calm to your family. Click on her image below to hear her prepared remarks at The Virtual Village, Part II: Caring for Your Kids. (The video recording concludes with Erin Mills Connects Steering Committee member Mary Nanavati thanking Ann for being a friend to our community.)

There are still ways to make the end of the school year special for kids, says Ann Douglas. Most of us need to mark the end and beginning of things for our well-being, she adds.

Ann mentions her handout for strategies to process emotions with your children and help them develop a plan to cope. Find it HERE.

People who attended Part I or Part II of Ann’s Webinars in May can receive a FREE e-book, Parenting Through the Storm, while the offer lasts. One e-book per household, please. Contact BY MAY 30, 2020 if you haven’t requested yours.

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