Sixty-three of us met Thursday night by Zoom to hear from Ann Douglas who is encouraging all of us to cultivate our virtual village. Through research, creativity and experience, Ann is able to turn frustrations into compassion and obstacles into opportunities.

She encourages parents who are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and guilty to reach out to other people for support during this strange and uncertain time. (Yes, the rules of physical distancing require us to tap into this support in new and different ways – and, yes, it’s still possible for us to be there for one another.)

Ann is the author of The Mother of All Baby Books, Happy Parents Happy Kids, and other books filled with good humour and self-compassion. The book that accompanies this webinar “Part I: It Starts with You,” and its counterpart, “Part II: Caring for Your Kids,” is Parenting Through the Storm. The book talks about Ann’s and other parent’s journeys to get through tough times as a parent. Each webinar attendee will be given the e-book while the offer lasts.

Ann has kindly allowed us to share the recording of her prepared talk. Remember her timely encouragement: “We may have to be physically distant, but we still can be the village for one another.” Click on Ann’s image below to begin the recording. (43 minutes)

Ann Douglas says that calm is your parenting superpower. “Calm yourself; calm your child.”

For the handout that accompanies The Virtual Village, Part I: It Starts with You, please click here.

People who attended Part I or Part II of Ann’s Webinars in May can receive a FREE e-book, Parenting Through the Storm, while the offer lasts. One e-book per household, please. Contact BY MAY 30, 2020 if you haven’t requested yours.

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