Won’t somebody Please think of the parents?! Family Stress and mental Health during Covid-19

“This may actually be some of the earliest evidence of children’s mental health deteriorating as a factor of COVID-19,” said Dr. Dillon Browne to members of the Erin Mills Connects community forum on Nov. 5.

Dr. Browne is Canada Research Chair in Child and Family Clinical Psychology and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo. He is the principal Investigator for the Whole Family Lab and is a registered clinical psychologist in Ontario, with competency in children, adolescents and families.

As Dr. Browne shared his research on increased anxiety in Ontario school children after the pandemic lock-down, he noted that another survey shows caregivers are suffering too.

“Take a moment to acknowledge this time as global collective trauma that is taking place before our very eyes.”

Dr. Browne encouraged parents/guardians and other caregivers to take care of themselves as an important way to help children. He also offered four recommendations to caregivers.

In addition, he pointed families to psychological health services offered at the Centre for Mental Health Research and Treatment through video tele-psychology. Fees are based on a sliding-scale.

Please watch the recording of Dr. Dillon’s excellent and informative recording (46 minutes). 

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