Won’t somebody Please think of the parents?! Family Stress and mental Health during Covid-19

Dr. Dillon Brown of the University of Waterloo provides proof that children and their caregivers are struggling psychologically, and he offers recommendations to help.


On the heels of Ontario announcing that students wouldn’t be going back to schools to finish their school year and that many summer activities are cancelled, children and their parents are struggling with more disappointment and worries. Ann Douglas, parenting book author, speaks to parents and guardians about how they can make these unusual circumstances less sad for their kids.


Ann Douglas spoke to parents and guardians in mid May. Her message is to ask for help and be the help someone else needs. That’s the beginning of The Virtual Village.

Not forgetting the most vulnerable in Peel Region

You are invited to consult on the Peel Community Safety and Well-being Plan NOW. A spokesperson says the pandemic drives home that this work is vital.

COVID-19: Successfully Riding the Emotional Waves of Change and Loss

There is FREE help for Canadians who feel the toll of COVID-19 on their mental health. Find out about this service and other tools that will assist you and your family members to feel more in control.

Ann Douglas: Compassion is Key to Hanging onto Mental Well-being during COVID-19

Author Ann Douglas is well known for her compassion for today’s parents. She shares her thoughts on getting through the trials of COVID-19 with Erin Mills Connects.

Keeping Kids Connected: A Youth’s Solution in the Era of COVID-19

A new way to build community for youth

Project Now: How community members can help keep Young people mentally healthier

The Youth & Family League can use your help if suicide has touched your life

Connecting During a Pandemic: A Journey

Navigating How to Help During COVID-19

7 Words to Sustain Your Collab

Working together is SO valuable, but there are few things to consider

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