COVID-19: Successfully Riding the Emotional Waves of Change and Loss

There is FREE help for Canadians who feel the toll of COVID-19 on their mental health. Find out about this service and other tools that will assist you and your family members to feel more in control.

Ann Douglas: Compassion is Key to Hanging onto Mental Well-being during COVID-19

Author Ann Douglas is well known for her compassion for today’s parents. She shares her thoughts on getting through the trials of COVID-19 with Erin Mills Connects.

Keeping Kids Connected: A Youth’s Solution in the Era of COVID-19

A new way to build community for youth

Project Now: How community members can help keep Young people mentally healthier

The Youth & Family League can use your help if suicide has touched your life

Connecting During a Pandemic: A Journey

Navigating How to Help During COVID-19

7 Words to Sustain Your Collab

Working together is SO valuable, but there are few things to consider

4 Simple Steps to Start a Collaborative for Your Community

Models to unite communities for the betterment of children, youth and families

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